Direct mail marketing is a popular and effective tool for multi-channel marketing campaigns, thanks to its highly targeted format and capacity to interact with other channels.  Certain mail requires special attention and security measures that not all solution partners can deliver.  Consolidated Solutions applies our direct mail expertise to help businesses effectively utilize successful mailing campaigns in their multi-channel communications campaigns.  As a result, we are able to increase client ROI, drive higher response rates, attract new customers and improve customer retention.  Our team has a track record for helping businesses boost sales through utilizing database and strategic consumer marketing lists, which helps in reducing waste and maximizing profitable results. Our Direct Mail Department provides:

  • Consulting services to develop direct mail products for production and help save on postage
  • Personalization services through variable data and digital printing
  • List brokering and management services
  • Information services for data processing

In addition, we stay current on mailing costs and regulatory changes through our participation in national postal organizations, such as The Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee.  We build relationships with key postal management personnel and industry associations. These efforts help us advise our clients of the best mailing rates and keep them in constant compliance with mailing standards.

Data Security

Consolidated Solutions is committed to protecting the sensitive information of our clients, which include those in the financial and health care industries as well as other businesses that must comply with HIPPA or other industry regulations. We are committed to the privacy of our clients data, which is why we maintain strict security and privacy controls above and beyond what’s required for the industry.  This includes:

  • Housing secure data in a Tier III data center  facility
  • Completing production within a secure facility to ensure all client information is controlled
  • Maintaining compliance with privacy regulations and providing employee training

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