michelle hilston

Michelle Hilston has more than 25 years of experience in the direct mail industry. As Director of Postal Affairs at Consolidated Solutions, she incorporates the vast experience and skills she has acquired throughout her career, which include areas such as list services, data services management, variable imaging, letter shop, print brokering, customer service management and sales.  Prior to joining Consolidated Solutions in 1996, Michelle held account management roles at NorthBridge Corp. and R.L. Polk & Co.  As part of her role at Consolidated, Michelle participates in numerous industry organizations and associations, including Epicomm, where she serves on the Fulfillment Steering Committee, and the local Postal Customer Council.  She also acts as the company’s shareholder representative to the National Association of Advertising Distributors, where she serves on the board of directors, as well as its representative in the national Mailers Technical Advisory Committee, which works jointly with the postal service to influence postal procedures and policies. In her current position, Michelle has earned a number of postal certifications, and she continues to monitor industry trends through attendance at National Postal Forums and other industry conferences.  Michelle has a B.A. in Quantitative Business Analysis from Cleveland State University.