Are you missing an opportunity to use your work space and larger corporate facilities as a vehicle for your company culture and billboard for your brand?  Your walls and your floors are a blank canvas.  Non-invasive construction can quickly transform your facility and deliver a message to your team, partners, vendors, and your valued clients.

Here are three aspects you can implement through the thoughtful use of large format design and printing:

Demonstrating Consistency Between Locations


Companies with multiple facilities are challenged to create a similar shared culture and feel for various work spaces – not only for team members, but for clients. Large format graphics are a valuable tool in creating a consistent look at different locations. Once a common color and theme is chosen and standard elements are designed, the ability to brand additional locations is simplified and accelerated. (full size image)

Telling Visitors Your “Story”


A company can choose from a number of different ways to tell their story. Creating an actual timeline visually demonstrates the history and evolution of the company. It also catalogs important milestones and innovations that culminate in the organization today. It can incorporate photographs, captions, summaries, graphics, and even 3D elements. This type of visual representation creates a sense of stability and growth for the viewer. (full size image)

Create Employee Pride

Vantage Agora

Using the corporate logo and tagline to brand the company’s space is fairly common. Including a company’s Mission and Vision statements, quotes from the founder or executive team, or commonly-held team values like positive thinking, quality, service, excellence or innovation help to focus the individuals on the distinctive components of corporate culture. (full size image)

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